Pop Up Compassion


Grace's dream of Christmas joy...

Hi, my name is Grace and with my sisters, Claire and Kate, we noticed a lot of people are alone and unfortunate on the street.  It's a heartbreaking situation. But we realized we can help them!  A simple care package can greatly alter a person's comfort and health while living on the streets. We have researched the most needed items for the homeless and we are compiling gift bags containing these important elements. Each bag will contain a variety of nutritious foods, hygiene items, socks, and health aids. We are also including a handwritten note, and a simple meditation tecnique provided by our sponsors at the Pop-up Zendo.  My sisters and I will be personally delivering these gifts, before Christmas, with a smile.
We estimate that each bag will cost $20 to make. Please consider sponsoring a few bags for the homeless. We are very grateful for your support of our efforts to comfort these people who are down on their luck.