Pop Up Zendo Mobile App

A Meditation Hall in your pocket

Pop Up Zendo

Meditation Timer

Pop Up Zendo is a meditation timer with nothing extra, just the basic tools you need to turn a moment into meditative space wherever you are. Designed and coded by a zen priest, a simple and graceful circle responds to a single tap by releasing itself breath by breath into an ‘empty’ screen - what zen people like to call ‘boundless’.  

Three zendo bells ring to begin your period of meditation and one will end it, or you can simply press mute and sit in silence until the screen is empty.  Just set the time, tap the screen, and enter the zendo.  

There are no in-app purchases or anything in the way of institutional theory included, just your steps along an ancient path - and a new way to build mindfulness into your daily life.  Pop Up Zendo is a simple tool to build a time for meditation or perhaps periods of intentional mindful activity and to bring a sense of calm and expansiveness into your life wherever you live and work.  Perhaps an app that disappears from the screen may be just what your device is missing.  Even in a technological ecosystem, there is space for a zendo.

Available for in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Mac and Android coming soon.




  1. Set desired time using the slider on the bottom of circle screen.

  2. Tap the center of the circle

  3. Four seconds will elapse before the start bells ring


  1. Press the gear to access settings

  2. Tap the bell icon to toggle sounds on/off

  3. Press the X icon to return to timer


  1. Press the gear to access settings

  2. Tap the circular eclipse icon to toggle light/dark mode

  3. Press the X icon to return to timer

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