What is a Pop Up Zendo?

The Pop Up Zendo is a completely portable Meditation Hall that can appear anywhere.  It is a Zen Temple that can be set up and broken down in ten minutes flat.  It’s purpose is to share an understanding that every inch of this earth is a sacred place and that sometimes erecting a temple on common ground four an hour or four can make that reality a little more obvious.  


What happens in there?

We host a variety of events for a variety of groups and purposes, workshops, classes, meditation instruction, sitting groups, focus groups, and ceremonies.


Is this religious or secular?

It’s both, just like Zen in America.  We’ve noticed that Zen is many different things to many different, sometimes it is a religion, other times it is an integrated practice, and also an aesthetic.  We think there is value in Zen no matter how you decide to integrate with it so the form of the Pop Up Zendo changes each time is is assembled.


OK, so I get that the Pop Up Zendo has no form -  so how do I get inside?

Check our events page or send us an email.

I have a group of people that would like to learn about Zen where we live or work.  Do you meet with people like us?  

That's why we exist.